The Flow House

“Fashion is never static. Talents are always growing. Never dying.” Be part of The Flow House – a men’s fashion magazine supporting creative minds.

Fashion follows each and every one of us each day. It inspires, changes and gives people the possibility to express themselves. This is also true for men’s fashion today, which has evolved over the past years and extremely changed. This pleasant development has motivated me to create my own men’s fashion magazine, supported by a group of young people.

The Flow House is meant to reach fashion-enthusiasts that seek to express something with their style and convey a message. My important message for our readers is that one should not simply wear what is en vogue at the moment but more: follow one’s individual style that matches the person and reflects one’s personality. For both creativity and passion have no boundaries.

Therefore, you will find inspirations from all around the world on The Flow House. The Flow House is a men’s fashion magazine that serves as a platform for young designers, models and artists. Such talents that wish to change the future of the creative world are supported by The Flow House and speak here about their life, their creations and their projects. Would you like to be part of The Flow House, present your projects, your brand or call attention to a new trend? Then I would love for you to contact us and speak about it! Karim Coppola, Founder of The Flow House