Inspirational male models – when models are more than runway accessories and poster boys

Man Malaysia

There are plenty models around. Even supermarkets call their poster boys “real” models – and yes, they can be found at every corner of the train station. But there’s a difference between a simple face that advertises for a brand and a real model that doesn’t just represent fashion with its name but is also passionate about fashion and lives it. They are fashion models that don’t copy trends from their employers, they invent new ones, are creative, free spirits and inspiring. These models deserve the attention they get. My favourites.


Alessio Pozzi

Inspiration Männermodels
© Man Malaysia

He is a member of the most popular fashion gang of the world and an absolute newcomer in the scene. The Italian Alessio Pozzi has convinced the amazing designer Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy) who has practically adopted Alessio Pozzi and shown him the whole fashion world. Now Pozzi doesn’t just walk for Givenchy, but is also a testimonial for labels like Calvin Klein. Him hanging out with Courtney Love, Irina Shayk and Kendall Jenner shows that he has arrived at the top, but that doesn’t really define him. Pozzi, who has his family in the Italian city Brescia, shows that he is a talented and a normal boy living his dream. About more than two years ago he started his career and has shown tremendous growth that can be observed on his Instagram account. What defines Alessio Pozzi is his own way of making fashion look special and casual. He shows on Snapchat that models are actually very normal people, but still excites his fans while showing his everyday life. Pozzi has made it into the fashion olympus and it wouldn’t surprise anybody, if he’s standing on top of the fashion world also in the next years.

David Gandy

Inspiration Männermodels
© Erika Brechtel

Contrary to Pozzi, David Gandy is almost an old stager in the business. He had his international breakthrough in 2006, after he became the face of Dolce & Gabbana. The video for the perfume “Light Blue” of the Italian top brand was created by Mario Testino and became a huge success – one out of many for Gandy. He was able to set himself apart as classic model and has become an inspiration for millions of men. He writes as a co-author for Vogue and GQ, he posts fascinating pictures from around the globe on his Instagram, he takes his fans across the world of fashion and always stays fashionable like a real gentleman. He’s down-to-earth, but still shows his sense of fashion on a daily basis. It’s a success receipt that shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. David Gandy has received many awards and according to GQ, he belongs to the 100 most important men in the UK. One can only agree and follow David.

Clément Chabernaud

Inspiration Männermodels
© SummerWinter

Clément hadn’t the plan to become a model. He would have much more taken the path of his parents and become a teacher. Many fans and designer are grateful that didn’t happen. Today, he’s modelling for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and H&M. To be on the cover of fashion magazines has become a daily routine and it seems as if he hasn’t lost his enthusiasm. His pictures, which excite every tumblr lover, are perfect samples for stylish lookbooks. They are very inspiring, because they come across as very authentic. Clément Chabernaud is one of those models that can put so much of him into the picture that the usage of Photoshop might as well be forgotten. One sees the picture, the fashion and is amazed. The social media performance of Clément is also very interesting. Instagram account? No chance. And that makes him even more fascinating.

Lucky Blue Smith

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© Michael Dumler

He’s just turned 18 and is already described as the male version of Gigi Hadid (or Kate Moss, you can choose). Lucky Blue Smith is the epitome of a model that will become huge through the Instagram generation. His indistinguishable looks make the young man, raised by strictly religious parents, very unique, what every designer wants. During this year he participated in Tom Ford’s and Lady Gaga’s SS16 video, he became the poster child of Philipp Plein and was also on the cover of the Vogue Hommes Japan. Designer like Jeremy Scott and Dolce & Gabbana are eager to have him, his Instagram has over 2.7 millions followers and still he finds time to play in his cool family band “The Atomics” and be an ordinary boy, a heartbreaker and a guy who’s about to take over the fashion world.

Jon Kortajarena

Inspiration Männermodels
© L’Officiel Hommes Turkey

This young man is on his way to become one of the most successful male models of all time. Not long ago Vogue has taken him up and accompanies him through his fashion career showing his day-to-day growth. And they do not do that only because of his unarguable good looks, but more due to the cool way he carries himself. I mean who else (which model…) allows somebody to take a picture while cooking (half naked of course)? One notices that Jon has been in the business for ten years through his professional way of working. It’s just been recently when Jon reached the top of his career – but this “top” will last for a long time. The Spanish man has understood that a really successful model hasn’t only to be a handsome runway model, but also be able to take the fashion enthusiast into another world. And that’s something he can. Karim